Challenges Facing Nigeria

Challenges Facing Nigeria

Challenges Facing Nigeria

Challenges Facing Nigeria

                                                                                                                                                   By James Nwazuoke

The future shines even brighter than ever. As a country make the long journey of discovery, it is slowly “simmering” all together - Nigeria is coming of age.

With difficult days yet ahead, and for a country battered and bruised both from within and without - Nigerians have shown time and time again, that their spirits can never be broken.

For anyone who has travelled far and wide, for anyone who has had great romances with different cultures and peoples, you find beauty and greatness everywhere. The Americans are particularly known for entrepreneurial excellence, the French are celebrated for a culture that charms and delights anyone, the Germans and Japanese are know for technological superbness.

However, little is known of a people that encompasses the full length and breadth of the human spirit, of a people bruised and beaten abroad, of a people whose dignity is robbed of them as they cross foreign borders to make a living for themselves and family, of a people whose image is slowly synonymous with fraud, of a people driven to despondency by their own government, but above all, of a people who in spite of it all, have managed to carry themselves with pride, with joy and dignity. A people who has shown against the odds, time and time again, as never seen anywhere else - a spirit that is indestructible and unwavering in hope.

A nation is slowly coming of age, and given the staggering population. Nigeria represents not simply a hope of a nation, but that of a continent, and more so, that of a people - black people scattered everywhere.

It takes time to learn, to grow and then to overcome. Growth is not easily visible, so it is often taken for granted. However, nations are slowly taking possession of their destinies. The Asian continent is bubbling and riveting in enormous growth - throw China into the mix, and you have a continent contending for superpower. Africa is not far off. While it may not seem to be the case, the growth of African nations is accelerating on all sides, and Nigeria will be leading that charge and thrust for the future of a people long exploited, raped and left hanging dry.

The way to a continuous growth however, must be as such that looks forward and not backward. It does not matter as much who have exploited you, as it is the future before you. It is also important to put things in context, that you are only exploited when you grant your exploiter “access”

No one ever exploits a man whose house is in “order”. It is imperative therefore, that as Nigeria positions itself to lead a nation, a continent and people, Nigerians learn to do what is right, and that means putting aside childishness and the fruits thereof. It can hardly be overemphasized, that the maturity be full and complete - as Nigerians begin to take their place with hard work, excellence and fearlessness.

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